Yukon New Democratic Party Convention a success

The Yukon NDP convention wrapped up Sunday at Mt. MacIntyre. The convention marked another successful year for the Yukon New Democratic Party and its members.

A mix of new and current board members were elected for the upcoming year. Of note, Jan Stick will remain on as president of the board.

“I don’t think there were any surprises at the convention. This was our first in person convention since 2019. As well as in person, members were able to participate online. I’m honoured to carry on as President along with the strong board members elected today. There is always work to be done by the board to promote the Yukon NDP and to support our elected MLAs.”

Two of the resolutions that passed during the convention were about water protection and access to birth control.  A resolution from a member at large outlined the need to conserve and protect the territory’s fresh water resources. It passed unanimously. Another resolution from Whitehorse Centre MLA Lane Tredger called for free and accessible birth control for Yukoners.

“I think we’ve made our point quite clear. Fully funded birth control is something that would benefit all Yukoners and there is no reason to dance around the issue any longer. It’s good to know that our members agree and support us on this.”

– Whitehorse Centre MLA Lane Tredger

The convention welcomed IRPotential for an afternoon workshop on reconciliation. Members were appreciative of the important information shared and discussion led by Tosh Southwick and Davida Woods.

Kate White the leader of the Yukon NDP delivered a keynote speech, and later welcomed Jagmeet Singh the Federal NDP leader, who joined by ZOOM to share his vision and to offer support to Kate and the Yukon NDP.

“This was a great convention. It was fantastic to see so many members attend in person and online after 3 years. Everyone was engaged and participated in discussions. I don’t think we’ll ever see us go back to an in person only convention. We need to always find ways to welcome people to the big orange tent.”

– Yukon NDP Leader Kate White