The Yukon or Vancouver?

Looking for a new place to rent has a lot of Yukoners saying, ‘well Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in the Yukon anymore’. 

With skyrocketing prices, housing here is starting to feel like Vancouver. 

Check out this new (and likely frustrating) game, The Yukon or Vancouver where you guess whether a rental property is in the Yukon or Vancouver. 

How many can you get right? 

The listings really show how expensive housing is here and the crisis that the territory is in.

Heck, the game doesn’t even include properties from Haines Junction because right now there aren’t any places to rent there. The vacancy rate is so low that people can’t find a place to live. 

The housing crisis is hurting people and they need solutions now. But the Liberals don’t think so. And, the Yukon Party is going to ‘review’ government involvement in Housing. When conservative parties say things like that, we know what they really mean is cuts.

Now is not the time for cuts. People need affordable housing. The Yukon NDP can deliver that. Kate White has committed to retroactive rent caps. She’ll freeze rents at what they were on December 31, and cap rent hikes to inflation after 2021.

Both the Liberals and the Yukon Party voted against a rent freeze during a pandemic. It’s clear they don’t have people’s back and that they don’t care about housing.

It’s time for a change. People should come first.