Statement from Yukon NDP Leader Kate White and Amy Labonte

Kate White Statement:

“Following a long conversation, Amy and I have agreed that she should withdraw her name from the election in Watson Lake.

These comments are serious and hurtful, and they need a serious response. I know that these comments coming up today are hurting people today, no matter when they were originally said, and it’s why this is the right path forward.

I know Amy is a strong person who has and will continue to make many contributions to the Yukon, and in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. I know she deeply regrets these comments, and would not make them today.”

Amy Labonte Statement:

“A number of past posts I’ve made on social media have been circulating with the media. I want to take responsibility for these comments. Some of these comments were racist and ableist, and they are not acceptable. I’ve changed a lot since these comments were made, and they aren’t comments I would make today. Regardless of when the posts were made, the fact is that I made these comments and put them out in the world.

No matter how I feel about them today, I cannot erase them, no matter how regretful I feel. I helped contribute to a conversation online that hurt people, and I deeply regret this. And today, these comments are creating a conversation that is louder than the one we are trying to have about helping people and making life better for Yukoners.

I had a conversation with Kate, our leader, and we agreed that it would be best for me to withdraw my name.”