Our Plan

Kate White and the Yukon NDP have a plan that will deliver real results for you

When you sit down to read the Yukon NDP’s vision for what the future could look like, I hope you see yourself, your neighbours and your community reflected.

We believe that after all of the lessons we learned through the COVID19 pandemic, that we have an opportunity to re-envision and rebuild the new normal. A future where our basic needs of housing, health and happiness are met. A future where we walk softly with the environment, curbing our dependence on fossil fuels, and expanding our northern food security.

Watch the announcement here.

This platform is the culmination of thousands of conversations, on doorsteps, in boardrooms and at markets and street corners. We’ve worked with experts in dozens of fields and incorporated some of the most innovative and creative ideas that Yukoners have to offer.

I don’t expect many of you will read this cover-to-cover. That’s why we’ve developed a legend with icons to go with each commitment – each commitment is labelled with icons that indicate which areas of policy it affects. I invite you to flip through and look for the pieces that interest you most.

This plan puts people first and tackles some of the biggest challenges our territory faces. At every turn, we’ve made sure to put people first – because my team and I will have your back, no matter what.

We want to tackle the housing crisis. We want to work on addressing climate change and mitigating its ef- fects. We are going to make mental health care more accessible and tackle the issue of addictions. We’re going to work to improve our education system and give those lowest-paid among us an overdue raise.

In 2021, it’s not enough to not be racist. We have to be actively anti-racist. A Yukon NDP government will work hard to honour this work and be meaningfully inclusive of the voices of Black people, Indigenous people and people of colour.

We’re going to take on all of these challenges, and more with real, concrete and creative solutions.

This plan is not an exhaustive list of everything we’ll do in government; it is the groundwork for our vision. I sincerely hope it speaks to your hopes and dreams for this place we all call home, as it does mine.

All my love,

Kate White

Download the platform here.