Liberals keep your wages low while Kate White promises higher pay

The Yukon Liberals plan to increase the minimum wage by 14 cents.

Fourteen cents! Fourteen cents can’t even buy you a Timbit. People can’t afford to live on these wages. As prices for everything else – rent, food, power bills – go up, they think it’s fine that wages remain low.

As the Liberals literally nickel and dime people with their minimum wage, Kate White knows that Yukoners deserve better. She’s promised to raise the minimum wage to $15.20. The Northwest Territories have raised their minimum wage to this amount, and it has put more money in people’s pockets. It’s the right move to get to wages people can live on.

Throughout the pandemic, frontline workers – many who make minimum wage – have kept services and business open. They deserve better than 14 cents. It’s time for a change. Let’s honour these workers, and make sure that everyone can pay their bills. That’s Kate White’s promise.