Kate White challenges party leaders to follow Yukon NDP’s lead in redirecting corporate donations to the Food Bank

Kate White challenged the Liberals and the Yukon Party leaders to join her in redirecting corporate political campaign donations to the food bank. A Yukon NDP government will ban corporate and union donations, and cap donation amounts to prevent undue influence from wealthy individuals.

“Yukoners don’t want big money in their politics,” said White. “The Liberals and the Yukon Party are always going to put their big corporate donors ahead of everybody else. People want a government that will put them first every time. That’s what I’ll do.”

White, a regular volunteer at the food bank, sees a better way for those dollars to be spent. “A lot of people are suffering, and this money can help a lot of people. It’s a win-win,” said White.

“We’ve received a number of offers of corporate donations in this election so far, and I will be redirecting those contributions to the food bank,” said White. “I truly hope the other parties will join us – it would be a big help to the community.”

The Liberal and Yukon Parties have long accepted massive cheques from corporate donors from Outside. In the last election, it was revealed that the Liberal Party accepted $50,000 from a single corporate donor.

The Yukon NDP only accepts donations from individuals, a strategy that has paid off. 2020 was a record-breaking year for the Yukon NDP, who amassed donations from a staggering 507 individuals, more than any party in Yukon’s history, and more than the Liberals and Yukon Party received in 2019, combined.

“It feels good to know that my campaign is backed by ordinary people, chipping in. And it’s a good indicator of the momentum our campaign has,” said White.

Watch the announcement here.