6 Ways Kate White will Make Housing More Affordable

Ten years ago, the Yukon NDP Leader stood in an empty government lot and suggested it should be used for affordable housing.

It was a good idea ten years ago, and it’s still a good idea today.

The lot is still empty today, and housing is still hard to find or unaffordable because of the Liberals and the Yukon Party’s inaction. After years in power, it is clear that affordable housing for Yukoners just wasn’t their priority. 

Kate White thinks that everyone deserves a stable, affordable place to come home to –  and right now, too many people don’t have that. Rents are high and there is nothing to protect renters from huge hikes. 

Here’s the six things Kate White and Yukon’s NDP would do in housing to make life more affordable: 

  1. Build new price-controlled units for Yukoners to own 
  2. Protect renters against big hikes and make rent increases predictable 
  3. Invest in 250 single and family units with Yukon Housing 
  4. Create more affordable housing units for seniors
  5. Free up more lots for development 
  6. Give mobile home owners more rights and protection  against evictions