A place to grow old

Seniors should be able to live in the comfort of their own homes as long as possible. And some of the time, they just need a little bit of help to do that.

This is why Kate White and her NDP crew have promised a plan to help more seniors stay in their homes and get the care they need. It doesn’t make sense for folks to enter long-term care before they’re ready just because they currently can’t get the home care they need. That’s hard on seniors and their families – and it certainly doesn’t give the people who have spent their lives working to make the territory what is today the respect they deserve.

The Yukon NDP will change current services by reducing the strain on health care providers, moving paramedicine out of social services and into health (where it belongs), and using paramedics for community care. They also will make sure that community partners and businesses are involved to help seniors with snow shoveling, yard work, and light cleaning.

If and when people need more care, and are ready for long term care, Kate White has committed to reducing waitlists. Families shouldn’t have to struggle and stress to get their parents and grandparents into a long term care centre.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, we need the support of our communities as we grow old. With this plan, our territory’s seniors will have more choice, more options, and the opportunity to grow old in their own homes.