6 Things Kate White Will do to Fix Your Health Care

Tired of never being able to find a family doctor? Worried that you won’t be able to get health care when you need it?

Kate White and the NDP know the struggles Yukoners face when it comes to health care. The Yukon Party failed to invest in health care when they were in government, and the Liberals haven’t done what they said they would to build back the system.

That’s why Kate is proposing a Patient’s Bill of Rights. Because Yukoners need a government that will invest in health care and make sure that people can get the right care when they need it.

Here’s the six things Kate will do:

1 – Ensure everyone who wants a family doctor or nurse practitioner will have one.

2 – Make sure that if a Yukoner wants a different family doctor, they will be able to request one.

3 – Yukoners will be able to access their own medical records and be part of the health care they receive.

4 – Ensure that medical professionals are registered and regulated the same way they are in the rest of Canada.

5 – Reduce racism in health care, and making sure that any human rights violations in health care are properly dealt with.

6 – Ensure that LGBTQIA2S+ patients can access safe and appropriate care.