5 commitments from Kate White to support people living with disabilities

People living with disabilities deserve to be lifted up by their government, with the freedom to make choices that are right for them.

Here are Kate’s commitments to support people living with disabilities:

1) Making assistive devices accessible through a new Yukon Assistive Devices Program that is comprehensive, clearly defined, and equitably administered. 

2) Ensuring access to disability services for those who need them by making the legislative changes necessary to ensure that disability services become a mandated service. 

3) Providing more housing options by increasing funding and recruitment efforts for  “approved homes”, which are like long-term foster homes for adults living with an intellectual disability. These are long-term, home environments where people living with a disability can be a part of a real family, which is what many people would prefer. 

4) Increasing access to parks and campgrounds by following the example at Wolf Creek and including accessible trail infrastructure, so that parks are inclusive spaces for all Yukoners to enjoy.

5) Adhering to UN Standards for Rights of People with Disabilities by funding an independent monitoring mechanism for and by Yukoners with disabilities, as the rights holders, to monitor the implementation of their human rights in the Yukon.

For more on these commitments and to see Kate’s full platform click here.